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Carmel Lights

Involving parent volunteers in Mount Carmel fulfills both the needs of the school and those of the parents. Personal involvement by parent volunteers helps to deepen their relationships with the principal, faculty, staff and fellow parents. By giving of themselves parents experience the school as a vital faith community. Parent volunteers affirm the identity of Mount Carmel not only as educational institution but as a group of believers serving the Church and the community.

There is a continuous need for volunteers at Mount Carmel. These very special people enrich our school, strengthen the link to our community, and touch the future through the hearts of our students. “Carmel Lights” volunteers are Mothers (and Fathers) who give of their time and talents.

Volunteer Form

Persons who wish to volunteer at Mount Carmel must participate in Safe Environment Training.

Mount Carmel will offer one session at the beginning of each school year.

Please check the Lafayette Diocesan website calendar for available training sessions throughout the school year.